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Miss Harlem Shake 2020

worldwide pandemic can stop arlem from shining On Sunday Aug 23 Harlem Shake adorned Miss Harlem Shake 2020 Congratulations to


S MEMORIES IN MUSIC The Mama Foundation for the Arts Inc 149 West 126th Street New York NY 10027 Our

About The 125th Street Business Improvement District

The 125th Street Business Improvement District is a central destination for Harlem and culture-related commerce. Our mission is to develop a neighborhood that maintains 125th Street’s spirit through the arts, culture, entertainment, redevelopment, and community initiatives, such as clean-up campaigns.

We’re dedicated to Harlem’s future, so we do what we can to improve its quality of life. The 125th Street BID staff wants to ensure that local residents and businesses benefit from events, sponsorships, and other opportunities.

Most importantly, the 125th Street Business Improvement District supports Harlem as it continues its legacy as a large, diverse, and historical hub for African American culture.

For more details, contact the 125th Street BID.