BID Sponsorship Banner Program

The 125th Street Business Improvement District is proud to present our Harlem sponsorship banner program. Every year, we host a street exhibition banner competition that encompasses a specific theme.

Program Overview

The BID’s prioritized Streetscape improvement program is an ongoing initiative of 125th Street that includes banners to showcase the cultural vitality of Harlem along its primary commercial thoroughfare. Its objective is to promote recognition, understanding of Harlem’s unique and authentic heritage, its role as a vibrant center of culture, and to help promote the continued revitalization of 125th Street as the economic and artistic heart of Harlem.

How It Works

Professional visual artists and art organizations must submit a Request for Design (RFD). You must be over 21 years of age to submit a design to the 125th Street Harlem sponsorship banner contest. If you’re local to Harlem, you’ll receive extra points in the competition. After we’ve received all of the submitted designs, a panel of judges, including BID representatives, renowned artists, curators, art organizations, and sponsoring companies, will review the submissions. We will select ten winning designs based on quality (for example, clarity of images), artistic merit and visual appeal, relevance to the year’s theme, and appropriateness for public display. The designs will hang from the city’s newly installed LED light poles.

Why You Should Submit

There are plenty of reasons for your business to submit to the Harlem sponsorship banner program. First, the ten winning designs are hung on display for a minimum of one full year. Hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors will view your company logo.

Additionally, your design has the potential to make a difference. It brands and celebrates Harlem culture, and it becomes part of the historic BID.

If you’d like more information about the 125th Street Harlem sponsorship banner contest, we encourage you to call or email Tasemere Gathers, our Director of Programs and Economic Development.

2016 Winning Banners