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    The Imperial Theme in the Sixteenth Century

    by Frances A. Yates

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    • Genres: history
    • Language: english
    • Format: paperback, 256 pages
    • Publisher: Pimlico
    • ISBN: 9780712698948 (0712698949)
    • Author: Frances A. Yates
    • Release date: March 27, 1993

    About The Book

    This book examines the images and symbolism of European monarchy in the 16th century. The accession of Charles V, with his vast dominions in both the old and new worlds, was the occasion for a renewal of the myth of Empire in the West. The theme was echoed in the pageants and ballets of the declining Valois dynasty in France and, in particular, in the glorification of Elizabeth I. This book attempts to illuminate reader’s understanding of the Renaissance monarchies as they struggled with the dark undertow of reformation and counter-reformation.

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