(Audiobook) Cyberspace by David Jefferis

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    by David Jefferis

    Cyberspace · Click Here

    • Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9780778700579 (0778700577)
    • Author: David Jefferis
    • Format: paperback, 32 pages
    • Release date: February 16, 2002

    About The Book

    The Megatech Series introduces children to the exciting world of cutting-edge science and technology. The ground-breaking history of computers, the internet, cloning, and life beyond our own planet is explored along with:

    — developments for the future

    — potential problems that come with the advancement of technology

    — consequences for society and the environment

    — glossary explaining scientific terms and conceptsWhat exactly is cyberspace? The digital story from the early days of computers to virtual reality and the World Wide Web is told in this exciting new book. Cyberspace explores:

    — the life-saving applications of computer simulation in flight, battle, and hazardous environments

    — computer arts in the fields of film, graphic arts, and games and entertainment

    — the history of the internet, how it’s used, and predictions for its future

    — the ethical pros and cons of technological advancement

    — a helpful glossary to explain scientific terms and concepts

    Hardcover Cyberspace David Jefferis download on iOS on Barnes & Noble. FB2 ebook Cyberspace. Hardback book Cyberspace read on Book Depository.


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