(ePUB) Conversations With Seth (Vol #1)

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    Conversations With Seth (Vol #1)
    by Susan M. Watkins, Jane Roberts, Seth (Spirit)

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    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Prentice Hall Inc.
    • Author: Susan M. Watkins, Jane Roberts, Seth (Spirit)
    • Genres: metaphysics
    • ISBN: 9780131720077 (0131720074)
    • Format: unknown binding, 2 pages
    • First published: October 1980
    • Release date: October 28, 1980

    About The Book

    From Dust Jacket

    ‘Without a second’s warning, Seth turned Jane Roberts’s wide, dark eyes on me.

    “And now, my dear young friend,” Seth boomed, “we meet again!”

    I could only gawk at this statement, its implications flying past me and out into the autumn night.

    “You do not remember me now… But I do not really mind! You have abilities now, abilities from other lives, and a responsibility to use them. And so you have come here to see that you shall.”

    “Really?” I croaked.

    Seth nodded. “I do have something to say to you at this time. There is no need to justify your existence, through writing or any other means. Being is its own

    justification, and this is part of what you must learn. And I will say this to you again and again, until you understand what I am trying to tell you!”

    And so it went — Seth appearing and reappearing, gesticulating, cracking elaborate jokes, bantering back and forth with us in a thousand other strange class dialogues. Those next ten years became, for me, a tumultuous, intriguing excursion into the unknown continents of the self, with endless discoveries …


    From Dust Cover Flaps:

    “I bid you welcome into the threshold of your own being!.., The work that you are doing here… will show benefits in all other areas of your life and of your experience.” — Seth, speaking to members of ESP Class.

    Each week, for nearly ten years, men and women of all ages and from all walks of life traveled up to five hundred miles to meet in Jane Roberta’s Elmira living room, glimpse their own past lives, experience altered states of consciousness, and speak directly with Seth. While Jane Roberts has touched on her ESP Class in her own books, the full story of those heady, cosmic encounters has never been written — until now!

    Susan M, Watkins is a close friend of Jane Roberts and was for many years an ESP Class student. In Conversations With Seth she has drawn upon her own recollections and conducted in-depth interviews with other Class members to document the wonder, drama, frenzy, and humor of those exuberant Tuesday evenings.

    Her fascinating narrative explains how an ever-changing group of some forty individuals evolved from curious observers into active participants in psychic experiments — on the grandest of scales! Here you’ll see total strangers arguing violently over events seven hundred years old… an entire room of people spontaneously speaking in a strange tongue and understanding each other!… Seth challenging Class members to deal with their deep-seated beliefs about themselves … the Hallowe’en night when Jane Roberts assigned students to dress as a member of the opposite sex … and finally, Seth’s ultimate assignment: to create an “Inner City,” a wholly new dimension of reality.

    Throughout are hitherto-unpublished glimpses of Seth’s energy, emotion and insight as he jokes, argues, and advises different individuals on sex,

    spirituality, fears, marriage, being and creativity. Here, too, is an engrossing portrait of Jane Roberts herself, who emerges as a skillful group leader and versatile teacher as well as gifted writer and trance medium.

    With an introduction by Jane Roberts and line drawings made during, Class by George Rhoads, Conversations With Seth offers a whole new perspective on the Seth phenomenon as well as an electrifying journey to the very frontiers of consciousness.

    Numerous references to SUSAN M. WATKINS appear throughout Jane Roberts’s books. A graduate of both Syracuse University and the Syracuse University School of Journalism, she has worked as an editor, reporter and interviewer for newspapers in upstate New York; and her poems and articles have won several awards. Now completing her second volume of Conversations With Seth, Ms. Watkins lives in Dundee, New York.

    Introductory description of Seth/Jane Roberts (Unknown source)

    In 1963, Jane Roberts met a spiritual entity named Seth. He spoke through her and the lessons he taught proved timeless and crucial. From 1968 to 1975, Roberts held ESP classes, during which she channeled Seth. Susan Watkins was a member of that class. The knowledge gained from Seth helped Watkins and her classmates face serious illness, painful relationships, financial hardship, and natural catastrophe. It also changed their lives.

    In addition to being a well-written, highly entertaining historical account of the late Jane Roberts and her class, Conversations with Seth reveals the profound insights discovered by class members — insights into the origin of both the troubling and triumphant events in our lives and into the vast nature of the human consciousness. Roberts’s Seth material is consistently one of the top two most visited collections at the Yale University Archives.

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