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    Rosa’s Miracle Mouse
    The True Story of A W. W. II Undercover Teenager

    by Agnes Lackovic Daluge

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    • Language: english
    • Author: Agnes Lackovic Daluge
    • Release date: December 1, 1998
    • Publisher: Author’s Direct Books
    • ISBN: 9780966588705 (0966588703)
    • Format: paperback, 227 pages

    About The Book

    Just one year older than Nazi death-camp victim Anne Frank, Agnes Daluge (born Agnesa Lackovic) came to Germany in 1939 in such poor health that physicians predicted she would soon die. Having suffered several life-threatening illnesses and infections, due to impoverished living conditions in her native Slovakia, Agnes took refuge at the age of 11 in the home of her affluent paternal aunt, Rosa Schneider. There the severely undernourished Agnes was given the hardy diet and medical care she needed to regain her health and start compensating for years of slowed growth.

    But her new-found sense of well-being didn’t last long, as she began finding herself swept up in her aunt’s secret life: the exceedingly dangerous activities of the Munich underground forces. In the course of just three years, the undersized, but highly intelligent girl was compelled by her aunt to learn four languages — a capability that would aid Agnes in saving HUNDREDS of lives during World War II. Her valiant efforts and ingenuity in aiding the Allies to execute several military operations against Germany and in rescuing scores of American, English, and French soldiers ultimately earned her American citizenship after the war. She has resided in the U.S. since 1948 — a war heroine and national treasure who our government has, until now, prevented from telling her miraculous story of unflagging courage in the face of torture and death!

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