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    Marv Levy
    Where Else Would You Rather Be?

    by Marv Levy, Jim Kelly

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    • ISBN: 9781582617978 (158261797X)
    • Format: hardcover, 414 pages
    • Author: Marv Levy, Jim Kelly
    • Release date: August 1, 2004
    • Genres: sports, football, memoir
    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC

    About The Book

    This book is about one man’s life as a football coach and much more. Forty-seven years of joyous celebrations after victories and crushing disappointments after defeats are encompassed in it, but it is about more than just touchdowns and interceptions. It is about how a person like Marv Levy, dedicated to his life’s work, can begin his career as the obscure assistant coach of a high school junior varsity team and then one day, decades later, lead his men out onto the field in football’s greatest spectacle — the Super Bowl. Readers are invited to come experience what it was like to be on the sidelines and be the winning coach in a game that has been designated as the greatest upset in collegiate football history and then be there again 25 years later when an injury-riddled team, losing 35-3 in the second half, rallies and then miraculously goes on to achieve the greatest comeback victory in the history of the National Football League. Fans will learn what it was like to wallow in the exhilaration that comes from leading a team to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances, only to follow it with the desolation that strikes when all four of those games end in defeat. But they will also learn about the character, persistence, and personalities of those incomparable Buffalo Bills of the 1990s who so resolutely pursued their impossible dream. There will be some laughs and there may be some tears. Readers will meet the people who shaped this coach’s life, and they will wind up feeling close to them. They will look forward to each adventure contained in these pages, and when each new one does come, they are likely to say, along with the author, “Where else would I rather be than right here — rightnow ”

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