(MOBI) Bound for Sin (Frontiers of the Heart) by Tess LeSue • 9780451492593

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    Bound for Sin
    (Frontiers of the Heart, #2)
    by Tess LeSue

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    • Format: mass market paperback, 352 pages
    • Author: Tess LeSue
    • Release date: September 4, 2018
    • Publisher: Berkley
    • Genres: romance, historical, westerns, adventure, adult, fiction
    • Series: Frontiers of the Heart, #2
    • ISBN: 9780451492593 (0451492595)
    • Language: english

    About The Book

    From the author of Bound for Eden comes a new historical Western romance that tests life and love on the Oregon Trail.

    WANTED: A resourceful frontiersman, for the purpose of matrimony…

    When Georgiana Bee Blunt advertises for a husband, she’s not looking for a handsome man, or a smart man, or a charming man. What she wants is a brute. A no-nonsense, capable backwoodsman who won’t trouble her with talk of love; she just wants someone to get her and her fatherless children safely to California. Matt Slater seems to fit the bill perfectly. The man looks like he could wrestle a bear and not even break a sweat. The only problem is he doesn’t want a wife. Well, not the only problem…

    Truth be told, Georgiana has more problems than she knows what to do with. Left holding a gold claim by her not-so-dearly departed husband, Georgina finds her eldest son held ransom by the sinister Hec Boehm and his henchmen, and herself facing a journey of more than two thousand miles to rescue him. With four children in tow. And no nanny.

    All Matt Slater wants is to be left alone. He’s spent most his life on his lonesome in the wilderness, and he’s comfortable that way. But then a widow with big blue eyes and the tenacity of a buffalo turns his entire life upside down, and before he knows it, he’s playing caretaker to a pack of kids…and trying not to succumb to their mother’s charms.

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