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    Kill the Messenger: Gemini
    A Small Novel

    by Johanna Nimley

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    • Format: paperback, 168 pages
    • Genres: fiction
    • Publisher: Authorhouse
    • Release date: July 1, 2006
    • Language: english
    • Author: Johanna Nimley
    • ISBN: 9781425934309 (1425934307)

    About The Book

    The Arians in “Kill the Messenger: Gemini,” are in a rush to build space ships so that they can leave the Earth before the return of Ra or the destruction of the Earth by human ignorance or by their warring ancestors. The Arians deceive the humans by allowing them to think that the machines they help to create are for them when in fact the space shuttles are for Arians only. The decision has already been made by the Heavenly visitors including Gemini whose mission is to save only a few. Humans cannot be allowed to leave the Earth and spread to other planets where there are any life forms. After living among humans as one of them, Gemini knows how to get the final message across in her own way with no regrets. In “Kill the Messenger: Gemini,” Gemini is a woman who was born into the world for a purpose and with a mission. She does not remember why because she was hit on the head as a child and suffered amnesia. The struggle comes because with the loss of her memory, she must understand and follow the same signs as other humans who want to be saved before the end of humanity. Adding to the chaos is Lucifer her brother. His desire is to impregnate and mislead Gemini so that she will become one of his followers. He sensed her presence the day she came to Earth. If he cannot discover the reason she is here or bend her to his will, then he will kill her. The story is based on Gemini’s experiences in her human body on Earth, as well as what she learns about humanity that will lead to its destruction. In every line she explores racism, human sexuality and other realities about this world. She learns the power of the flesh and the power with which Lucifer controls the world. Whatkeeps her going is the compassion in her heart for humans and the belief that somehow, someway, she can do something for those who hope for a different existence than that which Lucifer has to offer.

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