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    Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run
    A Call to Those Who Would Save the Earth

    by David Brower, Steve Chapple

    Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run | Click Here

    • Release date: April 1, 2000
    • Author: David Brower, Steve Chapple
    • ISBN: 9780865714113 (0865714118)
    • Format: paperback, 208 pages
    • Genres: nature, environment, biography, science
    • Publisher: New Society Publishers
    • Language: english

    About The Book

    This is the testament of one of the few authentic sages of our time. Brower’s voice is passionate, perfectly cadenced, humorous, and very wise. And original: while most writers point to where we are, this one draws the map.?Edward O. Wilson, author, “The Diversity of Life and Naturalist”Credited with galvanizing an entire generation of environmentalists in the 60’s, David Brower, the highly respected “archdruid” of the modern environmental movement, recalls with wit and wisdom his 50 years of controversial activism and offers an inspired strategy for the next generation of “those who would save the Earth.”

    In this intelligent and engaging chronicle of his years as an agitatator for the planet, Brower points out the irony that since the first Earth Day 25 years ago, we’ve lost one-seventh of the world’s productive land to pollution, clearcutting, and pavement-and our population has doubled! From the politics of preserving the environment and how to use New York-style PR to save tigers and dolphins, to reengineering cities, the future of hypercars, and his vision for the Earth Corps, Brower takes us on a sweeping journey of what has been and what could be if we apply CPR (Conservation, Preservation, Restoration) to our wounded world. Printed on entirely tree-free kenaf paper, “Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run” follows its own prescription for saving the world’s forests.


    CPR for the Earth: An Invitation


    1. Seeing and Remembering

    2. Climbing Mountains

    3. The Bristlecone Pine

    4. Visions of a Wild Century


    5. Havens

    6. Cities with Boundaries

    7. Eco-Preserves

    8. Forest Revolution

    9. More Monks

    10. Hypercars


    11. A World Restored

    12. Making a Difference

    13. The CPR Service

    14. What will it Cost?

    15. The Cure for What Ails Us


    16. Where the Wilderness Is

    17. Listening to Mountains

    18. Rachel Carson’s Pelicans

    19. Neat Tricks


    20. The Third Planet: Operating Instructions

    21. Unwise Misuse

    22. Rule Number 6 Revisited

    23. Let Heaven and Nature Sing

    24. For Those Who Would Save the Earth

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