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    An Unscrupulous Bride
    by Lois Stewart

    An Unscrupulous Bride – CLICK HERE

    • Publisher: Zebra
    • Release date: January 1, 1992
    • ISBN: 9780821736388 (0821736388)
    • Format: paperback
    • Author: Lois Stewart
    • Language: english

    About The Book


    Chandra was in need of a proper husband. She had returned to England to find her father’s killer, a blackguard who traveled in the highest circles of London society. Her goal — to lure him into betraying himself But first, she had to establish a reputation as a successful hostess. The Honorable Julian Ware could provide the required social standing, not to mention a most handsome escort, but after one glance at this nobleman’s deep blue eyes Chandra knew she would have to tread carefully indeed .. .


    The Honorable Julian Ware was in a rage. To help his desperately impecunious brother and save their family estate, he had been forced to borrow from a moneylender. Suddenly, an astonishingly lovely stranger had claimed his note and threatened him with debtor’s prison — unless he wed her and helped establish her at the glittering pinnacle of London society. He knew that most men would find marriage to the beau-monde’s most brilliant new hostess an agreeable price to pay for their family’s honor, what with the lady’s dazzling green eyes and admittedly exquisite beauty. However, Julian swore he would teach his new wife what he thought a proper marriage included — and it wasn’t only the gentle art of conversation!

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