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    Sri Ramakrishna
    A Prophet for the New Age

    by Richard Schiffman

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    • Release date: June 15, 1998
    • Publisher: Paragon House
    • Format: paperback, 244 pages
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9781557782083 (1557782083)
    • Author: Richard Schiffman

    About The Book

    The story of Sri Ramakrishna’s life is as moving as are is teachings. The great Hindu Bengali Saint spent a lifetime seeking spiritual enlightenment, beginning in his childhood with a mystical encounter he experienced at the age of six. During his life he would go on to be acknowledged as a great spiritual Master and his teachings and techniques would earn him a following of devoted disciples. Today, slightly more than a century since his death, those teachings have spread far from his home, inspiring countless others, and his message of mankind’s deep spiritual unity remains one of critical importance to the well-being of our world.Sri Ramakrishna: A Prophet for the New Age is a compact, accessible biography, and the first treatment of Ramakrishna’s life to emphasize the practical applications of his teachings. Richard Stiffman’s compelling portrait chronicles Ramakrishna’s short but transcendent life.

    From his early spiritual trials (the attempts to gain the mystical knowledge of Kali, the Holy Mother, that left Ramakrishna so frustrated he considered suicide), through his initiation into the divine secrets and apprenticeship under a Brahmani Nun, to his ashram in Dakshineswar, where he trained his disciples until his death, the devout intensity with which the prophet faced life illuminates every page. As the story unfolds, Ramakrishna’s remarkable inner journey is recreated through anecdotes, eye-witness accounts, and excerpts from his own speeches. Richard Schiffman intersperses his narrative with detailed explanations of Ramakrishna’s teachings, giving essential background information on Hindu spiritual practices and philosophy, and on the various forms of yoga. His sympathetic style brings the reader close to the childlike personality and profound spirituality of this great teacher.

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