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    The Compassionate Animal
    An Interfaith Guide to the Extended Circle of Compassion

    by Barbara Gardner

    The Compassionate Animal | CLICK HERE

    • Release date: December 19, 2012
    • Author: Barbara Gardner
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9781480155695 (1480155691)
    • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
    • Format: paperback, 300 pages

    About The Book

    This book is best explained from the following testimonials from Satish Kumar, Ingrid Newkirk, Jill Robinson, Dr. Richard D. Ryder, Dr. Atul Shah and Jon Wynne-Tyson: — Satish Kumar, Editor-In-Chief of Resurgence Magazine, says ‘Barbara has made an outstanding contribution to our understanding of the human-animal relationship. Her book, ‘The Compassionate Animal’ explores the age-old religious traditions which have given us a profound guidance in developing empathy towards all sentient beings. The book is immediately informative, educative, challenging and inspiring. It has been an honour and a privilege to know Barbara who has dedicated her life to the wellbeing of all humans as well as non-human creatures. Her book is a testimony to her intellectual, emotional, and spiritual commitment to serve the cause of animal welfare. I hope that ‘The Compassionate Animal’ will be on the shelves of all school, university and public libraries and politicians, policy makers and opinion formers will read it so that they can comprehend the significance of the subject.’ Ingrid Newkirk, Founder & President PETA, says ‘THE guidebook for anyone searching for their soul, for peace of mind, for a point to living at all. Barbara Gardner’s mesmerizing book shows how spiritual teachings from long ago are wholly applicable today and can help us bring out the best in ourselves, allowing us to escape the thoughtless conduct and rudderless trek through life that bring unhappiness to ourselves and those around us. In Jain terms, this is a ‘right’ book.’ Jill Robinson MBE, h.c. — Founder & CEO Animals Asia Foundation, says ‘A book so long overdue has arrived. At a time when scientists are at last concluding that non-human animals are conscious, the onus is surely on us all to treat other species as considerately and compassionately as we treat our own. Barbara Gardner creates a compelling argument towards accelerating this path of kindness, and understanding our role in more urgently releasing animals from their physical and psychological pain — until the cruelty ends.’ Dr. Richard D. Ryder is the author of many books on animal ethics. He invented the terms speciesism and painism. He is a past RSPCA Chairman, and Mellon Professor at Tulane University. He says ‘This book is unique in that it brings together ideas that are often kept apart — the mysteries of consciousness, the cosmos, quantum physics and compassion. I believe that these are among the greatest intellectual challenges that face us in the early twenty-first century. Barbara Gardner combines her own experience of science, mathematics and applied compassion to effect this synthesis. These qualifications enable her to clarify what is too often clouded and to reveal the essentials in what is frequently concealed. Laser-like, her mind illuminates the salients. Barbara is a wonderful asset to the international animal movement. She writes beautifully.’ Dr. Atul Shah is the CEO of Diverse Ethics and author of ‘Celebrating Diversity’. He says, ‘Barbara Gardner’s words ooze with compassion — the very spirit she is trying to convey to us through this panoramic book of multi-cultural wisdom. It clearly demonstrates that this world is not about Us and Them, but about Us and Us, and we must include all living beings in our love and kindness. Read these words and feel the inner depths of kindness, and your spirit will glow from within.’ Jon Wynne-Tyson, author of ‘The Extended Circle’ and founder of Centaur Press says, ‘A Wonderful book…and a most important contribution to the humane debate…it is a real widener.’

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