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    The Last Light Breaking
    Living Among Alaska’s Inupiat

    by Nick Jans

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    • Release date: August 1, 2007
    • Genres: essays, anthropology
    • Author: Nick Jans
    • ISBN: 9780882404585 (088240458X)
    • Publisher: Alaska Northwest Books
    • Language: english
    • Format: paperback, 224 pages

    About The Book

    From his home in remote Eskimo Village, Nick Jans leads us into a vast, magical world: Alaska’s Brooks Range. Drawn from fourteen years of arctic experience, The Last Light Breaking offers a rare perspective on America’s last great wilderness and its people — the Inupiat Natives, an ancient culture on the cusp of change.Making a poignant connection between the world he describes and the world of the Inupiat once knew, Nick Jans invokes with stunning power, the life of the Eskimos in the harsh arctic and the mystical aura of the wilderness of the far North.

    With the eye of an outdoorsman and the heart of a poet, Jans weaves together these 23 essays with strands of native American narrative, making vivid a place where wolves and grizzlies still roam free, hunters follow the caribou, and old women cast their nets in the dust as they have for countless generations. But looming on the horizon is the world of roads and modern technology; the future has already arrived in the form of stop signs, computers, and satellite dishes. Jans creates unforgettable images of a proud people facing an uncertain future, and of his own journey through this haunting timeless landscape.

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