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    The Leading Lady
    Dinah’s Story

    by Betty White, Tom Sullivan

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    • Release date: December 1, 1992
    • Publisher: Bantam
    • Author: Betty White, Tom Sullivan
    • Format: mass market paperback, 235 pages
    • Genres: animals, biography, dogs, inspirational
    • ISBN: 9780553298703 (0553298704)
    • Language: english

    About The Book

    Emmy award-winning actress Betty White may be a hit on the popular sitcom The Golden Girls; Tom Sullivan, bestselling author of If You Could See What I Hear may have made his mark as a multitalented performer, songwriter, and lecturer — but the real star of this heartwarming story is an extraordinary dog named Dinah.

    For nine years this beautiful golden retriever was Tom’s best friend, his right arm — and his eyes. A world-class guide dog trained by the Leader Dog Foundation for the Blind, Dinah gave Tom, a man who has been blind since birth, his first real taste of independence. And she gave the entire Sullivan family — wife Patty, daughter Blythe, and son Tom, Jr. — unfaltering loyalty and love.

    Together, Tom and Dinah traveled this entire country countless times, and she led him safely through crowded airport terminals, city traffic, strange hotels, and onstage performances.

    But when Dinah reached the age of eleven, she began to lose her edge. Her eyes were no longer as sharp, her step not as sure. The once-assured guide dog became defensive and hesitant. Although Tom hated the idea of working with any dog but Dinah, it seemed to be his only choice, and Nelson, a black Labrador retriever, joined the family.

    Dinah, however, was not ready to settle back into a life of leisure in the Sullivan household while an interloper took over her job and her master. She stopped eating, began hiding away, and simply gave up on life. Yet Dinah’s story has a whole new beginning… and her name is Betty White.

    In The Leading Lady, Tom and Betty, close friends for years who have become more like family thanks to their special golden girl, take turns talking about Dinah. Here is how the supercanine came into Tom’s life; the hard work and frustration man and dog endured to become a team; and the adventures — some traumatic, some joyful — that cemented the bond between them. Here, too, is how Betty rescued this gallant lady in distress and how caring, courageous Dinah became a full-fledged member of Betty’s family overnight, with a brand-new job to do. Most of all, here is the essence of Dinah, a dog who made a positive difference in every life she touched.

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