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    The Protein Book
    A Complete Guide for the Athlete and Coach

    by Lyle McDonald

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    • Language: english
    • Genres: nutrition, health, fitness
    • Release date: November 20, 2007
    • ISBN: 9780967145662 (096714566X)
    • Publisher: Lyle McDonald Publishing
    • Format: paperback, 233 pages
    • Author: Lyle McDonald

    About The Book

    The Protein Book is a comprehensive look at the issue of protein intake for both strength/power and endurance athletes. Coaches looking for the latest scientific developments in terms of optimizing protein nutrition for their athletes as well as athletes looking for answers to their questions will find them all covered in complete detail.

    Questions about protein such as “How much protein do athletes need?”, “What’s the best protein?”, and “When should protein be consumed around training for optimal results?” and many others are asked continuously by both athletes and coaches looking to optimize their sports nutrition.

    As with most topics pertaining to sports nutrition, the answers to the above questions are context dependent. The type of sport, the goals of the athlete, the specifics of the situation all determine how much protein is required, what protein might be optimal, etc. No single recommendation can possibly be appropriate for all athletes under all situations.

    With over 200 pages and over 500 scientific references, no questions about optimal protein intake for athletes remain unanswered.

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Definitions and Basic Background

    Chapter 2: Protein Digestion and Absorption

    Chapter 3: Basic Protein Metabolism

    Chapter 4: Protein Requirements

    Chapter 5: Protein Quality

    Chapter 6: Amino Acid Requirements

    Chapter 7: Meal Frequency

    Chapter 8: Nutrient Timing Around Workouts

    Chapter 9: Protein Controversies

    Chapter 10: Whole Food Proteins

    Chapter 11: Protein Powders

    Chapter 12: Supplements

    Chapter 13: Putting it All Together

    Appendix 1: Protein Intake Tables

    Appendix 2: Determining Protein Cost



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