See a few of the homes currently on the market near you.


By Real Estate News, Patch Staff


HARLEM, NY — Shopping for a house online can sometimes leave you wanting. Images don't always demonstrate what a house has to offer, and they can often make a fixer-upper seem quite a bit cuter than it is in real life. That's the beauty of the IRL open house: No more guessing!

Ready to see what's out there? To jump-start your search, we've made a list of the five newest open houses scheduled in the Harlem area. That way, you can get a feel for what's out there without committing to a house blindly.

Below is an address, photo, price, home size and open-house time for each property on our list — such as one in the New York area with 3 beds and 3 baths for $1.8 million, and another in the New York area with 1 bed and 1 bath for $365,000.

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