May 20,

Halrlem's Famous Slvia's Restaurant is Giving back to the Community

amid COVID-19

BY Dana Givens

New York has become one of the epicenters of the COVID-19, or

novel coronavirus, pandemic in America. Due to mandatory stay-at home

restrictions any business deemed "non-essential" has been closed down,

Restaurants have been especially hit hard, with many struggling to stay

afloat during the viral outbreak. One famous Harlem institutionis giving

back to the community with free meals to local residents. Normally the

restaurant host its popilar Gospel Brunch every Sunday which has since been

cancelled because of the pandemic. Instead the owner's decided to fill

in that time by distributing food and groceries to local Harlem residents.

The Harlem Resturant would be teaming up Rev. Al Sharpton's National

Action Network and CARES organization to launch a new community 

initative called Sunday Supper.The new move would create a pantry where

residents can get bags of food items from Syvia's nationally distributed

food product line.