May 20

This has been an especially tough week for Harlem was during a very

tough time in its history.

Business remain closed due  to COVID -19 a massive fire destroyed a major

clothing retailer and damaged several other businesses on Sunday, and

a man was shot ot death on 125th street corridor early Wednesday morning.

The situation is dire and officialssay they expect to lose 40%of the business

in Harlem, including the revitalized 125th street retail corridor. Leaders

blame racial disparity and economic discrimination for their demise.

The Harlem Community within three zip codes registered a total of 346

deaths from complications of the coronavirus. Thousand of residents there

were infected with the catagion, adding to the suffering of that neighborhood.

But tough times have hit Harlem before - and the neighborhood's business

leaders are determinded to save the business district and refuse to allow

decline. The current situation, for some, echoes the disastrous days of 

the 1970's when most of the stores on 125th Street and surrounding

community were either vacant or burnt out  and the area was considered

a no mna's land.