Hero nurse heading home after helping NYC for weeks during COVD-19


At the peak of New York city's coronavirus crisis, San Diego nuse 

Ana Wilkinson was one of the heroic health-care workers who came to help

our city.

Wilkinson made the tough decision in early April to leave her firefighter husband 

and two young boys at home to come to work an ER nurse at Harlem Hospital.

Now after six weeks, on the front lines of the city's COVID-19 fight

Wilkinsonis heading home after her final shift Wednesday.

In an uplifting and moving interview, the nurse told Dan Mannarino stories

of her patients, her team and her time here. As Wilkinson says a bittersweet

goodbye to Harlem Hospital, her home for over a month the nurse said she

donating three portable vital machines that she paid for out of her own


The nuse said her team at the Harlem ER has become like family to her

and she wanted to give them something that will make their lives

eaiser after she gone.