June 28, 2020

by: James Ford, Lauren Cook

Harlem Manhattan- New York City grocery store staple Fairway Market

appears to be closingits Harlem location.

A "store closing"sign was spotted Sunday hanging inside the store. It's unclear 

what date the store will shutter for good.

Worker's told PIX's James Ford that a rent dispute between fairway's parent

company, Shoprite and the landlord resulted in the shuttering. 

PIX's 11 request for further details about the closure was not immediatley

returned.Back in January, amid rumors of mass layoffs Fairway filed 

Chapter 11 bankruptcy and announced that five of its 14 stores would be taken

over by Shoprite's parent company.

For most of its history, Fairway was a family business. However in 2007, it

was brought by Sterlng Partners investment group. The company went public

in 2013 with the intention of expanding into a national chain of 300 stores.

Instead, it had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016.

That same year, Fairway was brought by GSO Capital a division of the

Blackstone hedge fund, which recently sold its stake to two other 

investment groups, Brigade Capital Management, and Goldman Sachs,

which say the chain is open for business.