Frederick Peters, Contributor

What are New York City buyers looking for? What are they likely to buy

and how much will they want to pay for it? What neighborhoods and property

types are hot? here's my post-lockdown primer on what, where, when, and

how much:

What? Agents already see that the majority of deals being made are at a lower 

price points. The inventory at $2 million and below began moving as soon as 

soon as showings were permitted again about a month ago. These buyers

see opportunity, and many of them have gone back to work, so they are in 

the city. They want ot ensure that they enjoy a better home if and when they

are obliged to quarantine again. Larger and more expensive units have not

jump started in the same way; thoses buyers often family groups have 

not decided when to return to the city from wherever they are. Some are 

already enrolling their kids in local schools in Westchester, Connecticut,

or the Hamptons in anticipation that schools in the city won't open for in-

oerson learning.