When it comes to heart-wrenching inspirational stories, Adam Leitman Bailey's

could give a Hollywood underdog flick a run for its money.

Today, Bailey's voice is one of the most resonant and influwntial in New York's 

real estate legal sector. He helms an eponymos law firm that, under his

direction, has inpsired new lefislation across every facet of real estate law..

Over twenty -plus years of practice . Bailey 's capable hands have done much 

to shape the very way that New York practices real estate.

Consider his tracck record. Even at its briedest, Adam Leitman Bailey's

resume encompasses a few of the most recogniable and influential reak estate

cases of the new millennium. He reminded New York City courts of the 

constitutional imperative of religious freedom in the Ground Zero Mosque case.

He inspired a new law protecting underdog tenants when his arguments 

compelled the Apelliate Division to grant standing to a non-shareholder who

sued a cooperative board for religious discrimination after it illegally rejected

a Holocaust survivor: and, he even penned his name in New York's pizza

history after he helped his client, Patsy's of Harlem, compel another restaurant

using the same name to change its moniker. But before all that, Adam Leitman

Bailey was just a kid from Queens who faced more than hsi share of hard

knocks. He was bullied, forced to endure family strife, and subjected to the

constanr stresses and anxieties od extreme financial insecurity. He dreamed

of fixing the injustices he saw, only to be dismessed by thoses who believed

that a kid like him would never achieve success.