by Mikelle Street

With the ongoing global pandemic, businesses are shuttering left and right 

The social distance guidelines have had an outsized impact on queer  and trans

night life in particular. And for thr most intersectional of thoses spaces: the

pandemic has been been a deathknell. In New York City, there has been one

Black -owned LGBTQ+nightlife space, Alibi, after the 2019 closing of Langston's.

Alibi, which was saved from closure last month by crowdfunding, was set to 

be joined before quarantine by a Lambda Lounge. And though the new Harlem

-based spot had to dely its opening, the month it finally opened in a limited


Here we talked to the married couple behind Lambda Lounge, Charled Huges

and Richard Solomon, about gettng into the business and the impoortance

of the space.