posted by Harlem World Magazine 


The Harlem School of the Arts today announced addition of esteemed 

Harlem cultural icon and civil rights activist, Harry Belafonte to its Advisory

Council Mr. Belafonte who was born in Harlem but grew up on th island of 

Jamaica, join an electric list of influential names, with diverse experience,

expertise, and insight, who provide guidance and serve as stewards of this

historic cultural inistitution.

It seems fitting that the 56 -year-old  organization founded by by an artist 

Dorothy Maynor in answer to a significant need in her community has now 

attracted the interest of Mr. Belafonte, an ardent proponent of the arts as a

tool for transformative change Mr Belafonte has said that his life has been 

guided by his mentor, Paul Robeson's wordss, "artist are the gatekeepers

of truth, they are civilzation's radical voice". Throughot his storied career, 

Belafonte has been known for using his artistic platform to champion 

a wide variety of civil and human rights causes and to call attention to

social justice issues.