by Ron Lee

Overarching Message at NYPD Outreach Event in Harlem: We need

to Work Together

New York- As part of his vision for the near future the NYPD's newly 

appointed Chief of Community Affairs says community gatherings, such as

basketball games involving the NYPD and teenagers at a local park, will 

become a fixture.

Chief Jeffrey Maddrey says it's part of his plan to create a bond between 

police officers and members of the communities - to work together to protect

their community. I think these are things we have to continue to do, on a

wider scale and on a much more daily basis communities and police officers 

and young people working together to keep them safe and keep them actively

engaged Maddrey said.

After officers spent four hours Thursday afternoon engaging in sports and other

activities with the communitiy at Colonel Young Playground in Harlem.

Chief Maddrey held a town hall meeting with residents who've have fed up

the recent rise in gun violence.In recent times I haven't left the house at nightime

because of it" said Kioka Jackson  25th Precint Community Council President.

Jackson believes a greater level of community involvement, coupled with

community policing an open dialogue with police., are important first steps

to taking abck their community. We have to stop thinking in anger and start

thinking in love. How does that work? I don't know but we need to have that

conversation readily. Jackson said.

The NYPD's Community Affairs division is also urging more faith based 

leaders to encourage residents to take charge..