By Nick Garber

Harlem NY - As ventilation inspectors begin visiting 1,700 New York CIty public

schools to determine whether their facilities are safe enough to allow students

to return to class next month, a new report shows that more than 1,000 of the

city's schools have documented ventilation problems.

The report, published Wednesday by the education news site Chalkbeat,

complied inspection records of school buildings across the city between fall 2018

through summer 2019. The report found tha at least 1,030 fo them had problems

with either the air supply system- which brings fresh air inside the building-or the

exhaust system, which brings stale air outside.

In Harlem, at least 51 schools had a least one deficiency in their ventilation

systems, according to the inspection reports. Another released publicly.

Good ventilation lowers the risk of transmitting the coronavirus through

the air, and Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that inspectors had already been

deployed, checking every classroom in every school to ensure trhat windows

can open and the supply and exhaust fans are working properly before 

students return Sept. 10.

But the new report show the immense scale of the problem, and backs up

claim by some teachers and principals that their school buildings were

poorly ventilated and ill-eqquipped to welcome back students during the