The Mama Foundation for the Arts, Inc.

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New York, NY 10027

Our social media retrospective highlighting the voices of Mama continue

Thursday, September 3, with one of our music directors Kevin McKoy!

Bishop Kevin McKoy is a person who enters a room and brings a calming energy.

His endless optimism and grounded nature make him a key part of each

musical he has done at the Mama Foundation. He most notable has served as

Music Director for iterations of Mama. I want to Sing! and Let The Music Play...


A year ago, the Foundation underwent one of our biggest ventures, tackling the

music for the Tommy x Zendaya runway in New York Fashio Week. Kevin was 

an integral part of that undertaking. During one of our breaks. Kevin was

playing piano and it turned into an incredible jam session that included our team

of 46 musical artists, the production crew, and Zendaya.

Today, as New York Fashion Week is largely digital, we remember when we

were able to dance and celebrate together, led by Kevin's musical directi