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About a Love Letter to the Apollo

In the recently released video "A Marvelous Night at the Apollo," members of

the team behind the Season 3 finale of 'The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel" discuss

the making of the episode, " A  Jewish Girl Walks Into the Apollo...' The show's

creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, describes it as a love letter to the 

Apollo Theater and reveals a personal connection; Her father, the comedian Don

Sherman, opened for Dinah Washington at the storied Harlem institution.

Washington advised Sherman to drop his act and just joke with the crowd

about working with her.

"It was an interesting story that always stuck with me, because I thought,

Well geez that's sort of the power of stand-up Sherman-Palladino says.

The "Apollo" episode is nominated for four Emmy Awards, including a 

guest actress nod for Wanda Sykes, who protrayed the comedy legend

Moms Mabley. A fan of Mable, Skykes recalls in the video her own debut

at the Apollo. "I remember not even hearing myself do the jokes because it 

was like, I'm looking at the audience, but I kept my eye on Sandman.

Where's Sandman?" Skyes says, referring to Howard Sims, who steered 

performers who displeased the crowd offstage.

Catch "A Marvelous Night at the Apollo" on Apollo's Digital Stage before

its fall season starts with a performance by Wyclef Jean on Wednesday,