By Nick Garber Patch Staff

HARLEM, NY — The number of Harlem students and families opting out of the city's in-person learning plan continues to grow, now meeting or exceeding 50 percent in the two school districts that cover the neighborhood. That amounts to about 4,987 of the district's roughly 9,975 students who will start the year fully remotely.


According to the latest data released Monday by the Department of Education, 50 percent of students in District 5, which covers most of Central Harlem and parts of East and West Harlem, have chosen to forgo the city's hybrid plan, which includes a mix of in-person and remote learning, and instead attend school fully remotely. The opt-out rate is higher in neighboring District 4, covering East Harlem: 55 percent of students and families there have opted out, or about 6,518 students out of 11,852 in the district.