By Nick Garber Patch Staff

Harlem, NY - When Petrushka Bazin Larsen and Nick Larsen opened their

first ice cream shop on a hot jULY DAY IN 2017, they ran out of ice cream by the

day's end, unable tosatisfy the throngs of customers flocking to their new

Central Harlem store.

"Even the machine we had could not take on that yield of supplying that

much ice cream in the middle of the summer, "Bazin Larsen recalled this


Three years later, the couple, co-owners of Sugar Hill Creamery, are 

celebrating the arrival of a second location, truer to their namesake: the new

shop opened Saturday on Broadway near 150th Street, squarely in the

middle of the Sugar Hill area of northern Harlem.We're actually jazzed that

we opened in the fall because it's allowing us to ease into this location

without the pressure of long lines, "she said. "We 're able to just catch 

our breath." As the name suggests, Sugar Hill had been the desired location

for the couple's first shop, but they couldn't resist when a retail spot opened

up at a good price further South on Malcolm X Boulevard and 119th Street

-right around the corner from their home, where they live with their three

children. Over time, though the shop's 500-square-foot space grew cramped

Sugar Hill makes all of its ice cream-in-house, and their choice to prioritize

customer seating instead of kitchen space left them little room to work.

Bazin Larsen spotted the roomier Broadway location two years ago, but

permitting delays along with the pandemic pushed its opening until this