HARLEM NY- Alex Trebek was a Canadian by blood and a Los Angelses
resident by adoption, but the longtime Jeopardy! host had a late-in-life
infatuation with Harlem.
Trebek, who died Sundayfrom pancreatic cancer at the age of 80, began
forming his connections to the city after his son, Matthew, arrived at
Fordham University's Bronx campus in 2009.
After Matthew graduated in 2013, he moved to Harlem and became 
restaurateiur, opening the Mexican eatery Oso in Hamilton Heights,
followed by Pizza by Lucille's and Lucille's Coffee & cocktails in North Harlem-
both named for his grandmother, according to a profile by the Univerisity.
The elder Trebek spent time in the neighborhood as his son worked to open
his first restaurant, getting toknow local polic officers and garbage haulers
and patronizing the soul food spot Londel's the Wall Street Journal reported
in 2015.
In 2015, Trebek stepped up his work in the neighborhood through a 1 million
donation to Fordham, funding the Alex Trebek, Endowed Scholarship to
provide financial aid to Fordham students coming from North Harlem.
The swcholarship's first recipient was Estefania Cruz, a history major who
commuted to Fordham from her family's home in Harlem.