Showman's Jazz Club

Address: 375 W. 125th Street

Phone: 212-864-8941

The Crown Jewel of Harlem

Since 1942, Showmans Jazz Club, one of Harlem's premier old school jazz clubs and a cultural landmark.
Showmans first opened next to the Apollo Theater. Then they reincarnated on Eighth Avenue, where
the Harlem USA development and Theatre now stands. Showman’s signature mark of a top hat and cane
is etched into the minds and hearts of many, as well as the frosted glass of its front door and mirror behind
the bar, standing as an iconic reminder of a legendary age of jazz.  Showmans Jazz Club has showcased
top musicians and legendary artists which include Sarah Vaughan, Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington, Pearl Bailey,
Eartha Kitt, Jimmy Rogers,Grady Tate, Jimmy The Preacher Robins, Lou Dobbs, The Copasetics with
hoofer Honi Cole, Gloria Lynne, Ruth Brown and many more. Showman’s features a wealth of contemporary
favorites which include, Jerry Weldon, Lonnie Youngblood, Seleno Clarke, Cynthia Holiday, Akiko Tsuruga,
John Tendy, Lou  Volpe, Baba Don, Ray Schinnery, Jazmyn, Madame Pat Tandy, Peter Valera, Nathan Lucas,
Danny Mixon and Ray Blue just to name a few. 
Over the years, proprietors Al Howard and Mona Lopez have maintained an intimate ambiance where jazz,
blues and down home hospitality rules. When you walk through the doors of Showmans, you enter a magical
place and experience a sense of invigoration and comfort as the intimacy of the room, embraces your senses.
Allow your eyes to cascade down the long stretch of bar and witness the look of pure enjoyment and relaxation
of those sitting alongside you. Then bare witness as the music makes your spirit come alive.

Showmans Jazz Club was always and still is a big hit with jazz enthusiasts not only in NYC but all over the world.
We also feature special events such as Retiree's Night, the first Tuesday of every month, Karoke, and participate in
the annual Apollo's Jazz Shrine Festival. Showmans Jazz Club, is perhaps the best deal of any jazz club in NYC.
Complimentary appetizers and the best jazz family in all of New York City.