Blink Fitness

Address: 301 West 125th Street New York, NY 10027

Phone: (646) 253-9700

We’re mood lifters™

At Blink, we believe exercise isn't just about how it makes you look, its also about how it makes you feel. Confident. Energized. Happy. Results every body can achieve today. Come and experience the different approach to fitness.

58+ locations

Unlimited guest privileges

80+ pieces of cardio equipment

50+ pieces of strength equipment

40 pairs of dumbbells up to 90 lbs

Barbells up to 110 lbs

Hammer strength free weight plate equipment

locker rooms, showers with body/wash shampoo

stretch/functional area

free 30 minute start-up

1-on-1 personal training 

referral and rewards program

15% off at Modell's