Figure Skating in Harlem

Address: 361 West 125th Street 4th Floor NY, NY, 10027

Phone: 646-698-3440



Our Programs

Figure Skating in Harlem (FSH) asks students to make a strong commitment to themselves and the program. Girls who participate in FSH sign a Skater's Contract and are responsible for maintaining a B+ average or higher in school. The organization has two essential components: off-ice education and character development classes, and our on-ice skating instruction and performance.

Each student attends FSH 9–12 hours per week in our ICE: I Can Excel program, which serves more than 175 students ages 6–18. We also offer more than 100 students a variety of summer programming through the Summer Dreams program. Students can audition to join one of the three Synchronized Skating Teams. Students come back year-after-year averaging an attendance of five consecutive years.


finaledited 3Education comes first at Figure Skating in Harlem. Before lacing up their skates, our students participate in a comprehensive Leading Edge Academic and Character Education program off the ice that helps strengthen their academics and improves their study, communication, and critical thinking skills. Read More.


Health and Fitness

ballet for blastWe see figure skating not only as a fun physical activity, but as an ideal tool to teach our students about perseverance, risk-taking, discipline, hard work and accomplishment. Each of their successes on the ice models how they can set goals for themselves and pursue success in all aspects of their lives. Read More.