Piece of Velvet

Address: 17 W. 125th Street

Phone: (212)369-3660

Piece of Velvet was formed in 2013 by Englishman Michael Morgan. Since opening it has established 3 locations:

  • 708 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 11217
  • 17 West 125th Street, Harlem, 10027
  • 1327 Surf Avenue, Coney Island, 11224

The company has become famous for pioneering not just red velvet but “velvet” cakes in particular.

The term “velvet” relates to the texture of the cake, which is not exclusive to red velvet as widely thought. For a cake to be categorized as velvet, it must be moist in consistency and melt in the mouth with cream cheese used for frosting.

Due to the new and innovative approach to the market, Piece of Velvet has undoubtedly established itself as the foremost home of red velvet amongst other delicious offerings. Which culminated in their being named by GQ Magazine, one of the top 10 food places to visit in Brooklyn.

In addition to the current locations Piece of Velvet will be opening 2 more New York locations before expanding the brand nationally “Down South”.