Lady Love

Address: 044 W. 125th Street

Phone: 212-678-0824

About Our Company

Lady Love is a business that started out as a work in progress. In 1982, in Harlem, NY, we were novices in the business of selling undergarments. We carefully listened to our customers and members of the community, and found out that there was a need that was unmet.


We continually try to meet the needs of our customers, considering our business to be highly service-oriented. Every woman is different, and every woman’s body as well. There fore finding the perfect garment is at times considerably difficult. We have found over the years, that most women do not know their correct size for their bras and other undergarments. We work with you to ensure that your needs and wants are met to our greatest ability.


We have been in this business for almost thirty years, and whether you are a patron that has been with us since the beginning or a new face, we will use our years of acquired knowledge to assist you with any situations or dilemmas that you bring to us.