Beleza Natural

Address: 313 W 125th st

Phone: (917) 265-8959

n 2004 much against the market, Beleza Natural founded Cor Brasil Cosméticos, its industrial branch. Beleza Natural’s partners found themselves struggling with third party suppliers over product quality therefore the decision to open their own factory came about. Safe guarding the best quality products possible, for their clients and professionals.

Cor Brasil Cosméticos has research and development laboratories where products are developed and tested to meet the real need of our customers. Tons of creams, shampoos and conditioners for home and for professional use are produced monthly in our plant.

All of our products are FDA aproved.

Our product development process takes customer suggestions into consideration and has an earnest outlook towards new raw materials, trends in national fairs, international fairs, conferences as well as partnerships with universities and centers of excellence.

All raw materials used by Cor Brasil contain the highest level of purity. The water used in our products is of the highest quality (the same used for injectable medication), going through several daily samplings before being released for production. More than 1,600 different chemical tests are made monthly to ensure the quality of our products.